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In one day you can get your forklift driving licence at GA-TEC



What would a warehouse be without forklifts nowadays?

Just as important as a good working forklift is trained staff. At our professional trainings the driver will be sensitizied to the risks and will be prepared to handle every situation right according to DGUV 308-001 law. Our trainings are not only for beginners but also for long-standing forklift drivers. 
The beginners will achive the necessary knowledge and the "old hands" can refresh their already existing knowledge.

In order to participate in our training you should

  • be 18 years old or older,
  • be mental and physical suitable according to G25 and
  • have safety boots.
  • have good knowlege in german (training and tests will be in german language)
  • have driving experience with forklifts

Our qualified employees will prepare you optimally for the tasks with a forklift. In a one-day-training which involves a theoretical and pratical part, you will receive your forklift driving licence after you succeded in our test and adopted detailed knowledge about the legal basics in which you will get to know the forklift and its techniques and its features.
Information about the different power units and special models will also be teached. Beside the different places of action of a forklift which you will get to know at GA-TEC, it is very important to know about possible risks and dangers, because only who knows them can prevent them.

The next dates are

  • 25.07.2020

An extended beginner training for 2 days is possible by request.

The practical part will be peformed on Linde electric forklift.
We can peform the practical part on other forklifts if desired or requested. Depending on availability even on Hyundai, Jungheinrich and Still forklifts. The training takes place at our company buidling GA-TEC Gabelstaplertechnik GmbH.

Participants have to bring a current passport photo and have to wear safety boots because these are obliagte for the practical part to be absolved.

Registration for forklift training

Registration for forklift training
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