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Tips for a long lifespan of your forklift battery

During the last years, many of our clients have changend to electric forklift due to increasing prices of raw materials. That you don't get a problem due to lack of care and maintenance, we have collected some informations. To maximize the life span of oyur battery a couple of simple rules should be complied: 

1. Battery loading times

Plan charging the battery in advance. Try to relinquish loading the battery when the  electric forklift isn't used. This can affect the life span, till there is a complete failure of the  battery.

2. Battery capacity

Make sure to never unload the battery completely. A battery should never fall under 20-25%. You not only risk the battery but also electrical components of the forklift which could run hot. In addation, the electric forklift won't be able to work fully with a low battery capacity. Hydraulics and drive will only work reduced.

3. Water level

Please check the water level of your battery AFTER every loading. If the water level is too low, please fill in only destilled water up to the marking. It could overflow and damage important electronical components.
If the battery has to little water, the anodes will lie freely during laoding which leads to the drying of active material and therfore damages the battery.

4. Battery maintenance

Please remind the intervalls for a battery maintenance. One of the main reasons for an early failure of a battery is sulfatation. White sulfur crystals settle on the battery plates and limit the perfomance of the battery. If the white crystals settle on your battery, please let them be checked by one of our trained employees.

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